Our Story

Pure Air Solutions of PA was formed out of the critical need to keep people safe indoors from airborne transmission of COVID-19. Since then, it’s become clear that the air quality in our indoor spaces, where we spend 90% of our time and where illness often originates, is crucial to our health and well-being.

For over 35 years, our family-owned and operated business has been delivering uncompromised service and products to our commercial and residential clients. At the onset of the pandemic, we joined the ‘RVs for MDs’ movement, where RV owners could lend their vehicles to healthcare workers for driveway quarantining. It was our privilege to loan our RV multiple times and meet the incredible frontline workers and their families. Today, we continue to support healthcare workers and families, not through quarantine, but by creating healthy and safe indoor spaces.

The pandemic highlighted the deficiencies in our outdated infrastructure and building HVAC designs, particularly in Senior Care Facilities. Pure Air Solutions of PA has successfully reduced risks and enhanced outcomes for Senior Care Providers and their residents by improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We employ a risk management approach tailored to each unique demographic and building.

The Pure Air Mission

We passionately believe that good indoor air quality is directly related to an equitable quality of life for all and can be achieved through sustainable, responsible, and innovative solutions. Creating healthy indoor environments without harming the outdoor environment is not just our responsibility but also our legacy!

What We Value

Your trusted source for improving indoor air quality built on values of quality, integrity, and commitment.

Promoting Fear-Free Interaction

We help to create communities where safety and well-being are prioritized, ensuring everyone can interact without fear.

Advocating for Sustainable Practices

Our commitment extends to advocating for sustainable, responsible, and innovative solutions that benefit both our clients and the planet.

Creating Healthier Indoor Spaces

We're dedicated to preserving the outdoor environment while transforming indoor spaces into healthier, safer areas.

Elevating Overall Wellness

Our mission transcends beyond creating safe spaces; we aim to elevate overall wellness, ensuring a balanced, healthy environment that nurtures both mind and body.

Enhancing Infection Prevention

Our approach includes advanced infection prevention and control measures, contributing to safer, cleaner indoor environments.

Strengthening Emergency Preparedness

We provide Infection Risk Management Mode (IRMM) guidance to ensure readiness for any challenge thereby enhancing community resilience and safety.

Meet Our COO

Arnold Becker, COO

EPA Certified in Indoor Air Quality Specialist

As the COO of Pure Air Solutions of PA I would best describe my professional career as a problem solver.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, and I thrive when faced with challenging problems to solve. My 35 years as an entrepreneur have allowed me the creativity to think outside the box, leading to practical and effective solutions for various situations.

My latest endeavor involves assisting the healthcare industry in mitigating airborne pathogens and contaminants without harming our global environment. This has been one of my most challenging yet satisfying ventures. My vision is supported by an outstanding team of engineers and specialists in Indoor Air Quality, and I am honored to offer solutions to the senior care industry. 

Since the Measles outbreak of 1941, there has never been such a focused effort between the public and private sectors to improve IAQ. This synergy, combined with the passion of companies like Pure Air Solutions of PA, will contribute to one of the greatest health victories of this century. With this goal in mind, I will continue to help solve Indoor Air Quality challenges, making the world a safer and healthier place to live.