Our Services

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

We conduct thorough evaluations of your indoor environment to identify potential air quality issues and sources of contaminants.

Air Quality Monitoring

Utilizing advanced technology, we continuously monitor the air quality within your facility, ensuring that any deviations are promptly addressed.

Pathogen Mitigation

We implement strategies to reduce the presence of harmful pathogens in your indoor environment, enhancing the safety and health of the occupants.

Energy Management Solutions

Our services extend to optimizing your facility’s energy efficiency, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective operation.

Customized Risk Management Strategy

Based on our assessments, we develop tailored plans to improve and maintain the air quality in your facility.

Implementation and Support

Our team is dedicated to the successful implementation of your air quality improvement plans, providing ongoing support and advice.

What We Solve For



Airborne Viruses

High CO2

Particulate Matter




At Pure Air Solutions of PA, every service we offer is a step towards creating a healthier, safer, and more comfortable indoor environment. Reach out to us to discover how our services can benefit your facility.

Meet Some of Our Satisfied Customers

  • LECOM Health
  • Iroquois School District
  • IU-5
  • United Way of Erie County
  • Erie County Technical School
  • Crawford Christian Academy
  • Country Community Day School
  • Welcome Nursing Home
  • Avon Oaks Caring Community
  • Rose of Sharon Personal Care Home
  • Village Square SNF
  • Elmwood Gardens SNF
  • Senior Living Center
  • LECOM Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Forest Hills Personal Care